Patient Services

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Our services include:

  • Diagnostic Radiology 
  • Advanced Interventional Radiology 
  • Radiation Oncology  
  • PET imaging 
  • MRI imaging 
  • MR angiography 
  • CT imaging 
  • CT angiography 
  • Cardiac CT angiography 
  • Fluoroscopic imaging 
  • Vascular imaging 
  • Ultrasound imaging 
  • X-ray imaging 
  • Digital Mammography with Computer Aided Detection technology 
  • Breast MRI 
  • Stereotactic and ultrasound-guided breast biopsies 
  • Bone Density testing 
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging 
  • Cardiac nuclear stress test imaging 
  • Thyroid Therapy  
  • Same day reporting 
  • Teleradiology
Advanced Interventional Radiology services available:

1.  Arterio-vascular disease diagnosis and treatment PVT 
    (PTA, stenting, artherectomy)
a.  claudication
b.  critical limb ischemia
i. restpain
ii. non-healing wounds

2.  Renal angiography/stenting

3.  Mesenteric angiography

4.  Embolization
a. chemoembolization for malignant tumors
b. uterine fibroids
c. GI bleeding embolization
d. trauma
e. bronchial artery

5.  Carotid and cerebral angiography

6.  Kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty

7.  Transjugular intrahepatic portal system shunts

8.  Peritoneal catheters for refractive ascites and pleural catheters for refractive pleural effusions

9.  Veno-occlusive disease
a.  pulmonary angiography
b.  IVC filters
c.  venous thrombolysis for ileofemoral DVT
d.  venous stenting

10.  Biliary drains

11.  Nephrostomy

12.  Tunneled central lines: Groshong/Mediports

13.  Gastrostomy (feeding tubes)

14.  Epidural steroid/facet injections for back pain

15.  Dialysis access interventions:
a.  angioplasty and stenting
b.  access catheters